The IBC Law Firm was created with an emphasis on relationships. At IBC, we take the necessary time to get to know our business clients, and then by anticipating our clients needs we can provide a higher level of service than other larger and more impersonal Phoenix Law Firms.

At IBC, we understand the importance of properly forming or incorporating your business. Practical solutions for legal problems are an asset to any business regardless of size or industry. IBC is your one-stop law firm for forming corporations, LLC’s, and other entities that best suits your unique business needs.

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Do you need help planning for the care or support of a loved one upon your death? Are you wrangling with the probate process while mourning the loss of a loved one? The attorneys at The IBC Law Firm in Phoenix can provide the help you need.

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Buying or selling a business is complicated and often times involves a significant amount of money. Let an experienced attorney represent you in this transaction to keep you well protected as well as to help you realize the best price for your business. We usually work on a flat fee basis for this type of transaction. Call for a quote: (602) 370-8592.

Want to form a start-up venture? Have an idea for a new product? Want to protect your trade name, brand, or logo for your company? Maybe you have a new product idea and want to protect it. Need to file a trademark application in Phoenix but don’t know how? We can help!

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With a high level of service and at affordable prices, we can provide you with Employment Agreements, Legal Disclaimers, Notices, Operating Agreements, Residential Leases, Commercial Leases, Real Estate Deeds, and More.

The steps you take now will set the tone for the future of your business. Make sure you take the right steps. When representing clients in pre-litigation and litigation we work aggressively and intelligently and work to resolve the case as quickly as possible.