Having an experienced guide to ensure the upmost quality is important when filing for an LLC in the state of Arizona. Fully understanding each aspect of the startup of your business will allow you as a new business owner to start off on the right foot. From the first step of designating a name to your Limited Liability Company all the way to providing protection from any legal hurdles, the IBC Law Firm will be by your side. We offer a variety of services from a basic startup to unique documentation tailored to your new LLC.

Basic LLC Formation Services

Answers to Any Questions
Free guidance in regards to starting and operating your new LLC.

Verification of the LLC Name
Helping you pick an Arizona Corporation Commission accepted LLC name.

Articles of Organization
Creating the necessary Articles of Organization.

Arizona Corporation Commission Cover Sheet
As a part of the Articles of Organization, providing the cover sheet in addition.

Filing the Articles of Organization
Sending in the final product which allows business to begin as of that specific date.

Pay the Filing Fee to the Arizona Corporation Commission
Covering the fee associated with filing in which both standard and expedited fees are offered.

Providing Documentation
Once the Articles of Organization are filed and stamped as received from the ACC, a copy will be emailed to you with your Federal ID number.

Employee ID Number (EIN)
Directions will be provided as to receiving your IRS Employee ID Number.

Copy of Operating Agreement
Sent straight to you, a PDF version of your Operating Agreement.

Notice of Publication
Preparing the notice of publication under the ACC law.

Publish the Notice of Publication
With meeting statutory newspaper publication deadline, a publication will be made in an ACC approved newspaper.

Affidavit of Publication
Delivery of documentation to the ACC and sent to the business owner.

Statutory Agent
The IBC Law Firm will act as your statutory agent.

Additional Services

Custom Operating Agreement
Unique, enhanced Operating Agreement specific to your business.

Spousal Disclaimer
For married members, a disclaimer will be prepared for spouses to sign when the spouse owns interest in the new LLC in regards to separate property. If no disclaimer is formed, the married member who has interest owns the LLC as community property with the fellow spouse.

Draft of Investment Agreements
Prepared documents for investment related activity to be regulated under specific, accepted circumstances.